19 February, 2011

1st thing u shud do is beliving in ursrlf. Ur thoughts @ words r so poweful tht if u put it out with energy, it’l happen. True. Nothing ‘l go wast.
B confident, no ur weaknes & work upon it. Don’t b under any bad habits. Only weak peopple go for it & it maks u even weaker. Confidance cums frm within & nt frm d gadgets outside. Take gud care of urself. Exsyz, meditatn & a helthy frnds circle helps u 2 b pure in body & mind. D puruty & hapines within, brings a glow 2 ur character which ‘l attract al d gud things & energy around u. B hapy & ‘mast’ within.
Tat ‘I bring u a confidance of purity. Tat ‘l mak al ur thought & words 2 cum tru.


Soumya said...

The thoughts are good...both, in this post and in the previous one. But, you know, for someone like me (of an older generation), it is very tedious to read this 'sms-lingo' that your generation is comfortable with :)

Nanda Kishor B said...

i'l surely take care:)
thank you.